ITRM invited to join Symantec’s Partner Advisory Council and awarded Advanced Specialist Partner Status

ITRM are now members of the Symantec’s Partner Advisory Council. ITRM were invited to join the Council after undertaking an independent assessment of one Symantec’s key global products. The subsequent report prepared by Jon Reeves, ITRM's Service Desk Technical Controller, highlighted and recommended several areas of improvement. The report was taken very seriously by senior Symantec product executives and has been used to help drive their strategy for the product moving forward.

The Symantec Partner Advisory Council is made up of a small number of key partners. The Council's key objectives are to strengthen partnerships, establish a highly interactive vehicle in order to shape go-to-market strategies and build an effective, influential forum for strategic communication between Symantec and its partners.

“We are proud of the fact that Symantec have requested our presence on their Partner Advisory Council, and it clearly demonstrates our absolute technical leadership and commitment to deliver excellence in our industry” said Lewis Maslin, ITRM’s Head of Business Operations.

ITRM have also recently been awarded “Advanced Specialist Partner Status” by Symantec in recognition of our efforts and will continue to focus on developing the relationship further.