What's up with Microsoft?

ITRM have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for many years now and we like to think we know everything there is to know about them and their family of products and services.

After the recent Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, it has become clear that Microsoft intends to quell any ambiguity surrounding its business model and firmly put a stake in the ground in its stance against competitors such as Google, Apple, VMware etc…

It’s amazing what Microsoft is able to achieve in the face of difficult market conditions. They have a real propensity to quickly re-group, adapt and come back fighting stronger than ever. It’s as if they have a Teflon coating where nothing bad ever sticks. Whether it is down to great PR or simply just great leadership, there is no denying that Microsoft’s dominance is set to continue for many years to come and they will vehemently fend off any attempt to encroach on their territory.

We asked our Head of Business Operations, Lewis Maslin, to comment on where this all leaves ITRM as a trusted Microsoft Partner and how the recent announcements will affect our clients.

“Interestingly Microsoft have completely reinforced comments I made earlier in the year that hybrid (a mixture of cloud and on-premise technologies) is the way forward over the next five to 10 years. This fits our overall business strategy and enables us to offer solutions and services to a much broader degree than that of our “Cloud Only” competitors. This can only mean great things for our client base and we will continue to strive to solve all their business challenges and lead by example within our industry”.

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