ITRM Join the Network Buying Group

As part of ITRM's new corporate strategy, we have set clear objectives to solve all business challenges through innovative thinking and demonstrating absolute technical leadership in everything we do. You do not achieve this by sitting back and waiting for the answers to come to you. So where do you start?

For us, collaboration with our peers within the IT managed services industry has always been top of the agenda, but it is not something that is widely encouraged or practiced in the UK due to the competitive nature of our industry.

Fortunately our wishes came true recently through invitation to join the Network Buying Group which is the UK’s most powerful IT buying group. The combined buying power of the group gives us access at the highest levels into leading technology vendors and fulfils our goal of collaboration and thought leadership to help shape our industry and provide our customers with the right solutions.

Watch out for further updates on our progress within the group and how this will positively affect our customers.

Written by Lewis Maslin
Head of Business Operations