Telephone Systems

There are few business tools as essential as the telephone system and internet access. Every business depends totally on the phone and internet as vital means of communications with customers and suppliers, as such it is essential you have a wholly reliable, responsive, robust and cost effective telephony service, phone system and internet access.

At ITRM we recognise that Telephony and I.T requirements are becoming one. With that in mind ITRM specialise in the convergence of Voice & Data and as a result are well placed to provide real and clear benefits to our clients. ITRM Voice Services provide a full range of telephone systems which can be operated either as stand alone or as part of a much broader telephone system that might include your mobile and internet communications.

Our experience across a host of applications such as call management, call logging, call recording, call centre, mobility, computer telephony integration and hosted telephony allows us to work with you to create an enhanced communications experience with high customer satisfaction and increased efficiency within your business. Our technical expertise ensures every task is completed on time and within budget. ITRM can help you select the right equipment and can even develop bespoke mobile software applications that can empower field workers, remote home workers and roaming users.