Telephone Lines and Calls

At ITRM we care about your telecommunications spend and want you to enjoy a resilient, reliable and cost effective service so we have taken ITRM Voice & Data Services a step further by launching our own network.

When performing any audit or consultancy project we examine your telephony bills (fixed & mobile) to analyse the usage and find areas of savings (generally around 30-40%), these come from a variety of areas including non optimal voice tariffs, line rental charges, telephony misuse and identifying inactive lines or services etc. The audit will provide you with a comprehensive list of areas where savings can be found and a detailed proposal of how ITRM can implement and manage those savings while enhancing the services you currently use. ITRM provides businesses with bespoke calling tariffs to suit your actual usage, we design a tariff that matches and reduces the cost of the calls you make. If you have high usage to any particular destinations we will source the most cost effective solution to meet that requirement - each of our tariffs offer a single point of contact for all your telecommunications needs, a highly reliable service and flexible billing as well as a wealth of call and cost analysis capabilities.

You are probably aware about the benefits of Least Cost Routing (LCR) or Carrier Pre Select (CPS) and heard about the savings advertised by an endless list of network carriers. To help cut through the confusion, we’ve selected a group of the most reliable network carriers as our partners, and can now offer a simple but highly-competitive network service that is sure to save you time, money and frustration. We request BT transfer the management of selected phone lines over to ITRM, this allows us to take control of the billing and support for our clients. We directly place orders for new lines, transfer existing lines, change details, add new features and register any faults. This enables us to offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Substantial savings on line rental and call charges
  • Cheaper installation of analogue, ISDN lines and internet access
  • One bill for line rental and call traffic (for those ITRM Network subscribers)
  • One point of contact for all communications, telephone system, call traffic and internet access
  • Exceptional levels of service and response times