Will I get a bill from BT and another bill from ITRM?

If your existing lines are not in a committed contract with BT we can transfer the line rental and call charges over to ITRM and you will receive one monthly bill for both services. If the lines are in a committed contract then you will receive a bill from BT for the line rental and a bill from ITRM for call charges (averagely 40% cheaper than BT).

How can you give me better rates than if I go direct to BT?

As a wholesale partner we buy lines and calls in large quantities, therefore, our buy in rates are substantially lower than those of a company dealing direct with BT. These savings are passed directly to our clients ensuring they receive a cost effective solution with the highest levels of customer service and support.

I already get a good deal with capped calls from BT.

Capped calls is a great marketing ploy, in a recent industry survey it was found that capped calls only save you money on 17% of your total call spend, 30% break even and 53% actually incur a higher cost due to either a minimum call charge or a call setup charge.

What is LCR?

LCR or Least Cost Routing is a system designed to save you money on all your local, regional, national and international calls, as well as calls to mobiles. Least cost routing has come about since the Government passed a bill to deregulate the national telephone network. This ended the BT monopoly, allowing ITRM to offer you a highly competitive service with substantial discounts on all your calls and line rentals.

I’ve had problems with LCR in the past, what make’s ITRM different?

ITRM only route calls through the most robust and resilient networks in the UK, this allows us to not only achieve substantial savings but also ensure our clients receive the best possible service backed up by our own service desk.

What are the key benefits of using ITRM?

  • Lower cost and improved service levels
  • No hidden charges
  • No call setup charge
  • No minimum call charge
  • We have per second billing
  • We bill to four decimal places