ITRM Launches New Corporate Vision & Strategy

Ever since the company’s inception in early 1999, ITRM’s commitment to deliver high quality IT solutions and services has served as the single largest factor in its ongoing success in the managed services arena. It is clear that with the current state of the economy and the rate at which the technology sector is evolving, many businesses are being forced to quickly re-think their strategies and in many cases to make rash decisions on how to utilise IT to solve their business challenges.

In September 2012, ITRM’s Managing Director, Dave White, took the decision to form Strategic Group of key people within the business with the sole aim of creating an entirely new vision and strategy for the organisation heading into 2013. This strategy would not only address the technology challenges of the future, but also fully embrace the needs of our customers and the ITRM team members alike.

The Strategy Group spent considerable time researching, analysing and developing the new strategy throughout the final quarter of 2012 and then launched it to the entire business at the beginning of January 2013 in a fun packed day where the entire company was able to engage and provide their thoughts and feedback.

We are now embarking on this new journey, and with our teams fully bought into what we are trying to achieve, the process of implementing the strategy is well underway.

Our vision is one we truly believe in. Our people and our values will ensure that we achieve what we have set out to achieve.