Email Security

Spam now accounts for over 96 percent of all email, meaning that delivery systems and IT resources are continually strained. In addition, with corporate email accounting for more than half of information leaks, organisations need a comprehensive email solution to address spam, malware and data leakage concerns. An effective email security solution can also play an important part in helping a company to meet industry and governmental compliance concerns and mitigate legal liability.

ITRM Mail Security resides outside your network, requiring no additional hardware, software or personnel resources to manage daily security operations. As standard it features antispam and antivirus filtering, and there a range of additional add-on features such as email archiving, image control and business continuity.

The service protects against 98% of spam and 100% of known viruses, and there is a guaranteed service availability of 99.9999% uptime. The service can be up and running in as little as two days.